By registering with TheLanProject you are agreeing to the following:

TheLanProject will hold payment information by way of email
TheLanProject will hold the ID, Username and avatar url from the account used to login to the website via Steam

TheLanProject will NOT share information with 3rd parties

Upon paying for a ticket you are agreeing to the following: TheLanProject reserves the right to refuse entry to any event. Cancellations can only be refunded up to 14 days prior to the event, any requests for cancellations received beyond this point can only be processed should the event be fully booked and your seat re-sold as all event finances will be committed by this stage. You agree that TheLanProject and its staff cannot be held responsible for any claims, liabilities, actions, loss or damage to property or persons apart from any claims caused by the negligence of TheLanProject and its staff. DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE EVENT, AND THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL ON SITE; BYOC/WEEKEND TICKETS ARE, SADLY, STRICTLY OVER 18 ONLY! - THIS HOWEVER DOES NOT APPLY TO DAY TICKETS. TheLanProject staff members reserve the right to ask a person to leave the event if their behaviour is found to be disruptive. Disruptive behaviour is considered but not limited to the following: Intentionally or unintentionally causing damage to another attendee's system; We recommend that you do not touch other attendees' equipment, thereby limiting the potential of being accused of something Damaging another attendees or TheLanProject equipment/property, causing damage to the venue or the equipment there; This includes any actions that could prevent TheLanProject from hosting another event at the venue Failing to comply with the wishes of the TheLanProject staff and/or venue owner's staff. You will be held responsible for repayment to TheLanProject of any monies paid by TheLanProject to the venue owners or any other persons for the repair/replacement of any equipment/property damaged by you Cheating in any way, shape or form is deemed unacceptable. Any persons found to be cheating will be asked to leave the event without any reimbursement of entry fees. Cheating is considered but is not limited to any of the following: Use of any code or script that causes the player to have an unfair advantage over others Disrupting the network or game servers to provide an advantage Manipulating a games netcode / packets to mislead the game or server into misreporting your position, actions or ping All cheating cases will be considered and decided on by TheLanProject staff. All attendees agree to familiarise themselves with any emergency procedures and/or equipment locations and its operating instructions. In addition you should familiarise yourself with the location of any emergency exits provided. Viruses are common at LANs. TheLanProject will not be held responsible for damage caused by viruses. It is the attendee's responsibility to provide their own Anti-Virus Software and where possible to ensure that their equipment is free of viruses. The use of viruses is prohibited. Anyone found using a virus to cause damage to another's system will be expelled from the event without any reimbursement of entry fees. Network Traffic Disclaimer: Under current legislation, the event organisers are liable for providing a means to transfer illegal or prohibited data. Illegal and prohibited data includes but is not limited to: All pirated software Pornographic images/media/software Viruses When you book to attend our events it is taken that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and that you will NOT bring illegal software, or seek to transfer/copy any across our network. The mere action of you booking and attending an event indemnifies TheLanProject, and you will be solely responsible for your own actions should you choose to ignore these terms and conditions. In accordance with the Network Traffic Disclaimer (above) anyone found to have open or accessible shares on their computers will be asked to password protect or remove the share. Refusal to do so shall be grounds for instant dismissal from the event without any reimbursement of entry fees. TheLanProject staff's decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. TheLanProject staff reserves the right to change, add or alter these terms and conditions at any time without notice. TheLanProject will record the email used in the transaction for reference purposes. This information is NOT shared with any person or 3rd party and is used purely for the purpose of forwarding essential event information & facilitating refunds. Now, with our backsides well and truly covered, please confirm your purchase below.


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