TheLanProject, 'TLP', is run by a small team of gaming enthusiasts. Having ventured to many LAN gaming events across the UK, we noticed there was an empty space for a BYOC LAN-party in the North West. We took it upon ourselves to not only try and create a fantastic gaming event, but to build an equally fantastic community.

We hope host our events 3 times a year, in St Helens, Merseyside. We hope that we can grow with each event and provide as much fun as we can for each genre of gamer we entertain! 

Whether you're a casual gamer, competitive gamer, tabletop gamer, console gamer or even if you just want to socialise and meet like minded people, then we can assure TLP is the place for you!
What are you waiting for? Come and Game All Weekend!

Our aim is to create an event where we can all get together no matter what skill level of gaming we are or which genre of games we prefer playing; but where like-minded people can be awesome, socialize and have a great time gaming together all weekend! 

We offer; 

We will always aim to improve our events the more we host them - to make them as fun as possible!

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TheLanProject Gaming,
1 Silverdale Road,
WA12 0JL

Or, you can message us via Discord, Facebook or Twitter!


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