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23/36 Tickets Available

Available Available

Start: 18:00 23-07-2021

End: 18:00 25-07-2021

Seating Capacity: 36

Wow, What a year :|


Limited Availablity

£35 23/23 Available

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Your Seats
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Mill Street Barracks
Mill Street
WA10 2BD
United Kingdom
Mill Street Barracks

What To Bring

Each BYOC Ticket has access to:

  • 3'by3' Desk Space - Basic chair included (Feel free to bring your own gaming chair!)
  • 2x Surge Protected Sockets - If you require more; bring a 4-way!
  • Gigabit Ethernet to your desk - Patch cable included,
  • SuperFast Broadband - D:~300mbps U:~50mbps,
  • Local Gaming Cache - for up to 1Gbps download speeds!
  • Console Area - Plenty of inflatable seating and 2 huge projection screens!
  • Social & Board Game Area - Wide selection of games available, or bring your own!
  • Free Parking - See Travel Info, below, for more details, - TBC
  • Fully Fitted Kitchen - Even FREE Tea & Coffee (Please keep it clean!),
  • Shower Facilities - Don't forget your toiletries!
  • Communal Sleeping Areas - Situated away from the main hall, bring your airbed!

We would suggest you bring along:

  • Your Rig! (duh) - Don't forget a power strip if you need more than 2 sockets!
  • Monitor - We would recommend no larger than 27-30 inch display!
  • Peripherals - The most commonly forgot item is a Mousemat!
  • HEADSET - No external speakers!
  • Any Cables You Need - We can only provide the Ethernet lead!
  • Gaming Chair - If you don't like the look of our basic chairs!
  • Sleeping Equipment - We have space, but you will need to bring a camping bed!
  • Toiletries - We have a couple of showers on site, but you will need soap & a towel!
  • Drinks&Snacks - Gaming for 48 hours is thirsty work!
  • Phone/Camera - Don't forget to share your pictures with us!
  • Warm Clothes - Our Venue is big and old; it can get chilly!

Travel Info

Travel Info


Postcode: WA10 2BD - Or search for The Lan Project on Google Maps!

Parking: TBC

We would recommend making a pit stop at the front of the venue to drop your equipment off.


The local train station is St.Helens Central - Roughly a 10-minute walk from the venue.

Please Remember...

Due to current circumstances any provided information is liable to change.

Stay Tuned

More information coming soon!

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User Name Seat
Mrfacerape's Avatar Mrfacerape - Steam: Facer Jake BYOC | A1
Manfat's Avatar Manfat - Steam: W U M P A F R O O T Dean BYOC | B1
Sleeze's Avatar Sleeze - Steam: Dwight Supremacist Sean BYOC | A4
dickocpw's Avatar dickocpw - Steam: sUpa-sTa(78) Andy BYOC | F4
Hawkisonfire's Avatar Hawkisonfire - Steam: Hawkisonfire Jake BYOC | F6
only_thor's Avatar only_thor - Steam: only_thor Christopher BYOC | B2
Ellievic91's Avatar Ellievic91 - Steam: EllieVic Eleanor BYOC | A3
LoudNortherner's Avatar LoudNortherner - Steam: Surprise Sex Stallion Connor BYOC | A2
Th0rn0's Avatar Th0rn0 - Steam: |LnO| Th0rn0 Th0rn0 BYOC | C1
Denz's Avatar Denz - Steam: Denz Danny Not Seated
Ted's Avatar Ted - Steam: Teddy Ted BYOC | F1
JawSlayeR's Avatar JawSlayeR - Steam: JawSlayeR Mark BYOC | F3
Roro's Avatar Roro - Steam: Roro Anna BYOC | F5


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